Sunday, March 7, 2010

[In My Mind] via my ears

Lately, I've obviously been on that electro/trance/house shit but sometimes I'm blessed with a dope track from either alannah or... alannah lol that isn't made by a DJ. Here's what's on heavy rotation for me.

[Lykke Li]
I've never been into an indie chick and would pick a r&b, blackwashed asian chick over a pale, stripe-layering white girl without even thinking. BUTT! Ms. Li is a "haha Trino has to swallow his words" exception. I find her voice, her hair, her frame and her overall steeez embarrassingly attractive. I show her to a bunch of my homies and I get the same reaction: "A white girl? Why da fuck she so pale?". Well fudge you guys lol She's dope. And so is her music :)
*Little Bit - Lykke Li
I can't get enough of this song and all it's remixes. Through her celebrated voice and attitude, Lykke basically toys with a boy and his emotions by telling him it's okay to completely fall in love with her and commit himself fully to her when she thinks she loves him only "a little bit" :) dopeness
*Little Bit - Lykke Li (Death to the Throne Remix)
Came across this while watching a Steve Aoki documentary. I believe it's the best version of the song. "I'm not in love! I'm not in love!" haha dopeness
*Little Bit Remix - Lykke Li ft. Drake
I love drake and this song is okay, BUTT I hate when artists, especially rappers, remix an already AMAZING song just so they can put their own spin on it. Like give credit to the original creator of the track by leaving it be :) gayness
*Until We Bleed - Kleerup ft. Lykke Li
lyrics... dopeness :)

[Smokey Robinson]
*You've Really Got a Hold on Me - Smokey Robinson and The Miracles
And I thought trance songs were the best break-up songs haha Good thing I found this one when I was over my previous break-up. Cuz if I heard this before then, oh boy lol

[Gym Repeat]
*My Otherside - Benny Benassi

*One Mic - Nas

Vacuum of Perfection

Funny how Winter's grey grip
Finally takes its familiar hold
As his fair lady's blanket
Begins to unfold

Awake those sleepless mornings
His apologies grew old
While this ageless summer boy
Starts to feel a new cold

Ripped from his heart
His once warm hands; now eyeless
Feeling through the dark
Trying to find emotion in her silence

Because streetlights don't talk
But he knows they'll never leave
So he walks to stay awake
So he walks just to breathe

For with his daylight eyes closed
He's pulled back against his will
To a time when he was forgiven
When his words were the last to kill

When he knew he was bigger than the ocean
Even against his endless waves
When he was the western sun in her sky
And the light through her caves

So he smiles the night away
From memory to memory
And to every one that he meets
He begs, "Remember me, please remember me"

But the foolish little boy
Keeps his dreams burning bright
Even when his friends tell him
They'll be gone at the end of the night

So just one more block
He walks his path of no direction
Because he'd rather be lost
Than found in the vacuum of perfection

-Yours Truly :)

Written I think a month ago. Just found in my blackberry's memo pad lol And remember, I am not an English major (yet) so pardon the god awful poetic structure. I just think the world would be a happier place if people wrote poetry instead of cried.

Will Probably Fail

For someone who's quite determined and goal-driven, it's ironic I'd have this attitude towards my reapplication to this whole blogging biznass lol I definitely want to start up again and try to get in a post everyday or every other day, but we all know I'm just going to get sidetracked a week from now after I realize I have only one viewer/follower (thank you tanya! you're the best). But I say "fudge it". So here it goes.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Woke up in Tokyo...

...ehh, not really. But I definitely went to sleep in Paris.

Just woke up from my nap and felt like bizlaggin. It was def refreshing to wake up and not be a mess. For the past couple of weeks, I've been having the most (ima use it again) "interesting" dreams; intensely interesting would be a better way to put it. My shut-eye adventures have ranged from scary trips to South Central LA, hectic days at school, nastolgic escapades in Hawaii on the big island, and other weird shit like that. But it's not so much what I do in the dreams that's got me trippin, it's the people in it. Lately, I've been having dreams about all my closest friends. And the crazy part is that they act and interact exactly the way the do in real life. And the even SCARIER part is that it they do/say the things (in my opininon) they actually want to do/say in real life. Example: One dream, one of my best friends came up to me and told me I was a bitch and proceeded to hook up with my girl [at the time]. In another one, another one of my best friends killed himself. So yea, you should def understand why I wake up sometimes sweating like crazy and breathing heavily. A couple nights ago, I actually had to take a walk at like 3 in the morning just to clear my head. I dunno, it's just an eery connection/attachment I have to these dream-state friends. What they do/say seems so real that I just can't seem to shake it during the day. I dunno. I've talked to a couple of people and most have told me it's probably just due to built up stress/anxiety I bottle up during the day. Whateva. As bizarre as it is, I kinda don't want it to stop. I feel like there's a lesson/significance to all of it at the end of the road and I'm curious to figure out what it actually is.

Ok, other than that, today was a highly choice. School was a breeze and I actually got back two A+ tests so that was delightful. After school, I went up stairs to "quickly" turn in my money for Grad Night but I was rizrong. The line was pretty ridiculous plus I decided to further complicate the situation by involving myself in a juvenile scheme to get back at a girl I deeply despise. It beefed up the waiting time and confusion, AND highlighted the overt stupidity of the whole objective. An asshole move on my part. But if it wasn't for the other people involved, I would've gladly done it again.

I didn't think I would survive to enjoy it, but my friends and I finally made it to lunch at a local hamburger and fries place. We shared a bunch of laughs, told a bunch of stories, strolled down memory lane via old yearbooks, and kicked around a few ideas for the next couple of weekends. We have a bunch of great plans but some of them depend on a count of good weather... 85 and up please.

After lunch, the same group walked two blocks over to our old middle school where we reminisced with our old teachers. It's funny to think that in 7th-8th grade, my life blossomed within these small hallways and green football fields. That was my world.

After that, went home, hit the books for about an hour, then took my nap. All in all, it was a relaxing day and I def need to roll like this more often. It's def second sem and my biggest worries are clearing out tivo space and planning exciting weekends.

I'll try to carry around a camera the next couple of days so you can get a look-see into my quaint little life. Outerz : )

Title Reference: Paris, Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[In My Mind] via my ears

Some tracks I've been into lately. I'll try to keep you updated on my musical interests as often as possible.

[Tae Yang]
Call me crazy but I can't stop listenin to Tae Yang from Big Bang. I know I'm trading in my hetero card for a sparkly pink homo one but this guy can sing. He's basically the South Korean version of Timberlake mixed with Chris Brown. Yeah, "where's my anal lube?" I'm asking the same thing too hahaha. O btw, I don't speak/understand a single word of Korean.
*Only Look at Me - Tae Yang
*Sinner - Tae Yang

[Tonight's HW Repeat]
*Glockenspiel - Klaas
*Infinity 2008(Klaas Remix) - Josh Guru Project
*Let it Go(Axwell Remix) - Dirty South

*You Make Me Wanna... - Usher (circa 1997)

I'm off to the gymnasium, will def try to post later tonight. Outerz!

Begin It Shall...

Today marks the beginning of something amazing, something profound. Today the world will finally spin in the right direction and the stars will all be aligned. World hunger will cease, the ozone layer will be filled with peanut butter, America will jump out of this depression, and a certain tree on a ranch in texas will crash down on a certain someone...

No, I'm just actin' a fool. I'm starting my blog today. No need to sound the trumpets and you can definitely return the celebratory Elephant. A quick profile viewing would easily suffice.
Some might beg the question: "Hey *****, why start bloggin now?" Frankly, I have no idea. Other than being mildly inspired by the blogging efforts of the homie Drew, there isn't a real reason. Score another one for utter boredom (utters... haha) I guess. But I have no problem with that. Some of my greatest ideas have sprung from sitting around with literally nothing to do (ie roof jumping, bus egging, drug dealing haha hmm?).

Another noteable something would be the timing of my blog creation. The past 4 months of my life have been interesting too say the VERY LEAST (So "very least" that I feel like those rude, over-paid therapists who diagnose kids who have real issues with ADHD/ADD and just prescribe them xanax, percocet, and/or adderall when I label those months as only "interesting"). Yea, if I started my blog i dunno, say around last December... oo man. You would have enjoyed a plethora of posts pertaining to lovely topics such as break-ups, make-ups, gossip, deceit, betrayal, alcohol consumption, CAMPFIRES!, awkward spooning/cuddling, ridiculously heavy alcohol consumption, varied drug usage (not so much by me), deportation, cheating, waiting, love, mangled fists, dented walls and drawers, 5-somes (yea, handle that), sexual blasty blasts and Korean BBQ. But I didn't : ) and I don't intend to summarize the events of the last four months BUTT, I don't see how they won't effect me going forward. SO, knowing me, you'll probably get the gist of it sooner or later.

So here's to my blog. Thank you blogspot.